• Epic Ares

    Gonna make a blog cuz whai not xD

    Okay so some basic reasons why Krewella is one of my favorites:

    • Their music, obviously
    • Their awesome music producer Rain Man , who is just too badass o_o
    • Jahan and Yasmine , they're so pretty
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  • XGlass Reflection

    For those who don't know. Get Wet is Krewella's debug album (Play Hard doesn't count). The album is made up of 14 tracks, none of which bare the album name which kinds shocked me looking at Krewella!s history. So for the 3 losers who don't know what it is, shut up and read the review and prepared to get wet.

    Given the album name it'd obvious the album is very child friendly Obvious lie and most of the tracks are about fun water rides. All joking aside, the album revolves around sex and depression. Cause as we all know, sex is the best thing in the world; ignored the fact I'm a 14 year old virgin. But seriously I don't really think there are any bad tracks in this album however this is my musical preference. So I'll talk about 2 different son…

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