Get Wet (Album)
Get Wet is the first full-length studio album released by Krewella. It was released on September 24th, 2013. The album consists of fourteen full-feature tracks, all of which are either original mixes by Krewella, collaborations, or previously successful singles.

Each song on ‘Get Wet’ serves a different purpose for the emotional, multi-dimensional music listener. ‘Live for the Night’ is your party jam. ‘Dancing with the Devil’ is your fierce response to the haters (‘If we die, then who will be your enemy? So shut the f*ck up we’re about to leave a legacy”). ’Human’ sympathizes for the misunderstood, sad, and lonely (They say pain is an illusion, this is just a bruisin' , you are just confused, but I am only human). ’We Go Down’ is the rage anthem that unites the reckless little misfits (we are giants we are bigger than the monster, every second we are taking back the power, on a run till we get a fucking answer, try to hold us down but we’re only getting stronger).


Track Length Beats Per Minute Genre
Live for the Night 3:27 128 BPM Electro House, dubstep
We Go Down 3:05 174 BPM Drum & Bass, dubstep
Come & Get It 3:25 174 BPM Drum & Bass, dubstep
Enjoy the Ride 3:31 128 BPM Progressive House, electro house
We Are One 4:36 128 BPM Progressive House, electro house, dubstep
Dancing With The Devil (feat. Travis Barker & Patrick Stump) 3:58 70 BPM Dubstep
Alive 4:50 128 BPM Progressive House, europop
Pass the Love Around 3:18 78 BPM EDM, pop
Ring of Fire 4:23 140 BPM Hardstyle, dubstep
Human 3:15 70 BPM Dubstep, acoustic
Killin' It 3:27 160 BPM Dubstep
This Is Not the End (feat. Pegboard Nerds) 3:53 140 BPM Dubstep
Lights & Thunder (feat. Gareth Emery)(Bonus) 4:42 128 BPM Progressive House
Enjoy the Ride (Acoustic Version) (Bonus) 3:28 70 BPM Acoustic
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