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“Fear & Desire are weapons in my life's pursuit”

Jahan Yousaf
Name Jahan Yousaf
Birth date August 27th, 1989
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Genres EDM, Dance Music

Cover Artist

Years Active 2007–present
Labels Columbia Records, Krewella Music LLC
Associate Acts

Adventure Club
Evan Duffy
Gareth Emery
Pegboard Nerds
Seven Lions

Website [?]
Jahan Yousaf (born Aug 27th, 1989) is one of the two female members of Krewella, the other is her sister Yasmine Yousaf. Her mother is American whereas her father is from Pakistan. She met Rain Man at a frat party when she was 16.


"It's Bee semen. And that's why I don't engage in sexual interactions with Bees, it's too sticky"

-When she was drinking Honey at Ultra Music Fest Week 2.

"Sometimes I hide my face behind this wet veil"

-Stereosonic twitter quote

"There are two girls and one guy, so you can see where there is a little more draw towards like, guys liking us maybe and also our fanbase is predominantly male. There's a growing female fanbase and I think it's because the girls are starting to see how sexy Krissy is."

-How many times does Rain Man get hit on?



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  • On Friday, August 23rd 2013, Jahan was dared by to go on a date with a fan. Not one to turn down a dare, she complied with the arrangement.

Jahan Yousaf, Kris Trindl, Yasmine Yousaf