Zedd - Scorpion Move (Krewella Remix) is an unreleased track-remix premiering on Krewella's SoundCloud mix, Troll Mix Vol. 2 Road To Ultra. The track also appeared in Krewlife Episode 5 as the theme song. Currently, the Krew have only shown snippets of the track and no release date has been confirmed. When asked about the release date, Jahan joked about it and said to download it on Zippyshare, though she was joking.


Shine a light,
In the dark tonight.
Let yourself be free,
Take it from me,
It's all you need.

We've got,
One chance to run,
So give it all to me.
Before we're done,
And turn into the sea.
So take my hand and,
Break up from the scene.
And I promise they'll never find us.

Somewhere we know it's only me and you.
Against the flow until the air is new.
We'll let it go and sink into the blue
And I promise they'll never find us.

Music Track

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