The Sock-Shot is a drinking game, which is one that is played while drunk (somewhere between the drinking and drunk stages) made popular by Rain Man.

Usually, the purpose of the game is to sample a wide variety of delicious alcohols, but most notably. Jameson. The beauty of this game is that one is given an exciting, competitive environment in which to do so. The absolute best part is that no one becomes too drunk or loses clothing or dignity.

In order to participate in a sock-shot, a few important things will be needed. The first of these is a hard alcohol, socks of any make and some shot glasses. These tools are necessary throughout the game.

Stage 1

Someone is selected to to take part, preferably in a one-on-one situation.

Stage 2

Curl up a clean sock and dunk it inside a cup o' Jamo (or other alcoholic beverage)

Stage 3

Proceed to suck all the liquid from said sock, and attempt to beat the other participant to it.