Krewella & Pegboard Nerds - This Is Not The End
Song by
From the album Get Wet
Released September 18, 2012
Recorded Jan 2012 – Jun 2012
Genre Dubstep
Label Monstercat
Format CD, digital download
"Wrote this in a dark time a couple years ago. The lion is finally unleashed from its cage today."
Jahan Yousaf
This Is Not the End is the twelfth track on Krewella's first album, Get Wet. It is produced by Pegboard Nerds, a dubstep duo hailing from Denmark, Norway.

The first version was uploaded to Krewella's SoundCloud page, then officially revealed alongside other tracks in their album 'Get Wet '.

Another thing to note is that the preview of the single released on Dec 21, 2012, which was supposedly the 'end' of the world.


You close your eyes,
And hope that nothing gets through.
These walls are high,
Guarded by a statue.
And you've been blind,
'Cause its yourself you consume.
But not this time,
No I won't let it eat you.


This is not the End!
It's where I began,

We are up against the world (oh-woo)
You know we live for every day, until tomorrow.
Don't lose your head,
We're able, to knock 'em dead.
I'll save you,
If you're on the edge I said.
This is not the end. (x8)
End. (x2)
This is not the end, end end end...
This is not the-

(Second Verse)

The job is through
Yeah it is done
I own you
This war is won (won)
You play your part
Yeah you hang on
'Cause you'd rather die in my arms
I'll give you nothing but morphine dreams
As you sleep, record back all your screams
When you wake, play 'em back, split your seams
So you're breaking until you bleed (Aww!)



Song Video Information
This is Not the End (Original)

This is Not the End (Original)


Released December 21, 2012
Length 1:35
Production Co Krewella Music LLC
Views 141,400+
Song Video Information
This Is Not The End (Album Version)

This Is Not The End (Album Version)


Released September 18, 2013
Length 3:53
Production Co Krewella Music LLC
Views 780,870+
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